We Lost Tara


«Scene: Warlic, Brentan, the Hero, two Pactagonal Knights, Gravelyn, and Victoria are standing in the throne room of ShadowFall, Gravelyn's flying castle. Gravelyn and Victoria are hugging.»

Hero: Ok, everyone's in. Let's get this thing moving!

«Scene fades.»
«ShadowFall castle is seen flying away from a burning Swordhaven.»
«Scene fades.»
«Scene returns to the throne room.»

Victoria: Wait! No! Tara!
Victoria: Where is Tara?!

Lord Brentan: I could swear she was right behind us!

«Scene fades.»
«Brentan, the Hero, and Victoria are standing on a balcony in the ShadowFall castle.»

Hero: I think I see her!

«Tara stands on the ground, surrounded by Infernal soldiers.»

Tara: Victoria! Help!

«Scene returns to the balcony.»

Victoria: Gravelyn, turn around! We have to go back!

Lord Brentan: Tara is still down there!

«The Infernal soldiers close in on Tara.»
«Scene fades to black.»

Victoria: Tara! No!

«Scene fades.»
«Scene changes to the throne room once more.»

Victoria: Turn around now! We have to go back for my sister!

Gravelyn: I'm so sorry, Victoria.
Gravelyn: It's too late. There's no way we could get back in time to save her.

Hero: Warlic, can't you summon her to us? Like you did with me, and Victoria?

Warlic: Let me try.

«Scene fades.»
«Warlic, the Hero, Brentan, and Victoria are standing on the same balcony as before. Warlic raises his staff and it starts glowing blue.

Victoria: Is it working?

Warlic: Give me a minute. I need to focus on finding her.

Hero: Is it supposed to be taking this long?

Warlic: No.
Warlic: I can't find her life energy.

«Warlic lowers his staff. Victoria covers her mouth.»

Warlic: I… I think she's gone.

«Scene fades.»
«Gravelyn's flying dragon leaves the burning Swordhaven and disappears off into the distance.»
«Scene fades.»

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