Water > Fire. OH YEAH


Note: This cutscene is a parody of the cutscene After the Firestorm.

«Scene: the Hero faces off against Tyndarius»

Tyndarius: Delicious flavor text, appetizer

Hero: Nom nom nom

Tyndarius: Delicious flavor text, first course

Hero: Nom nom nom

«Tyndarius starts glowing»

Tyndarius: Rage rage against the losing of the fight

  • Note: This line references the poem Do not go gentle into that good night by Dylan Thomas.


Tyndarius: You didn't do this alone! My mom's powers are stronger than anything YOU can do

Hero: I can't be alone. I have the whole planet to stand alongside me. Against you.
Hero: Nyah nyah nyah

«Pyralis bursts onto the scene, holding out a bottle of water»

Pyralis: Hero, catch! A gift from the water priests!

«The Hero catches the bottle»


Hero: Water > Fire. OH YEAH

«Scene fades to white»

«Scene: the Hero and Pyralis stand next to the defeated Firestorm soldiers»

Firestorm Warrior: I - My strength! I can't -

Pyralis: Awww, poor muffins!

Hero: Hahaha. Weaklings

Pyralis: So… who leads these hotheads NOW?

Hero: Well shoot. I guess they DO need a leader!

Pyralis: But what about the fire titan?

Hero: He's out there now. Not much we can do but save people when they need it.
Hero: We will need to find a way to protect them. Maybe the fire avatar can help.
Hero: I wonder why she did not help save the people of Embersea?

Pyralis: Mysterious! I will look into that. Once we begin rebuilding.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Queen of Monster's lair - the Queen sits on her throne and Tyndarius kneels by her side»

Queen of Monsters: Tsk. The avatars think they can stand against ME?!
Queen of Monsters: Pffft. We shall see about that.
Queen of Monsters: Totes I am stronger.
Queen of Monsters: As for YOU… I choose wisely when I fanned your flames.
Queen of Monsters: As for YOU fire boy… the Hero will move on soon. They always does. And once he is gone…
Queen of Monsters: The people of Embersea will BURN for what they've done!
Queen of Monsters: And the Water Plane shall BOIL for the insult they've given ME!

«Scene fades»


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