Warrior (Cutscene)


«Scene: the Hero falls through a white void»

Grandmother Hasu: From the beginning, the boy's life was filled with such hardship and loss.
Grandmother Hasu: He tried so hard not to let it destroy him.

«The Hero lands on the ground»

Hero: Oww.

«Scene: adult Akio fighting monsters»

Akio: <Hero>? Is that you?
Akio: Just a second. I'm almost done here.

«Akio stabs a monster»

Akio: It IS you! Man, I can't believe you're here! I haven't seen you since I was just a kid.

Hero: …Akio?

Akio: In the flesh!

Hero: Man! You've gotten tough!

«Akio puts his hand on the Hero's shoulder»

Akio: I learned it from you!
Akio: Seeing you fight to protect me from those monsters when I was little.
Akio: It made me want to be strong, too.

Hero: Did you ever find your parents?

Akio: No. They never made it out.
Akio: I swore that if my home was ever attacked again, this time I would protect my loved ones.
Akio: And when the Queen of Monsters came, I was ready.

Hero: Looks like your training really paid off.

Akio: I've kept my Aunty and Uncle safe.
Akio: But the attacks are getting worse, and I could use a hand, you know.

«Scene fades»

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