War Room


«Scene: Hero and Daimyo talking.»

«Screen is on total blackout.»

Hero: I… think I'll stay out here. From all the weapons on the wall, that's got to be the War Room, right?

Daimyo: Arf! Arf!

«Blackout fades.»

«Screen shows Thyton talking to the War Room Staff.»

Thyton: Listen up, cupcakes! Working behind computer everyday make you SOFT. WEAK!
Thyton: Do you WANT to fall in the next Undead Invasion?

«Screen zooms out.»

Everyone: … NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

«Screen moves to Thyton.»

Thyton: Then training for the 2012 Ninjalympics begins NOW! 10 Laps around the Lab.
Thyton: GO GO GO!

«Everyone starts to jog.»

«Screen zooms out.»

«Thyton speaks to a rock with a funny mask.»

Thyton: You can't afford to take your safety for granite either, Geopetal. Now get moving!

«Thyton throws the rock.»

«Thyton faces the Hero.»

Thyton: You too, <Hero>! No slackers in THIS Lab! Get moving!

Hero: But… I'm on tour.

Thyton: MOVE IT!

Daimyo: ARF!

«Hero starts to jog.»

«Scene fades»

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