War Meter 25%


«Hero at war… Syrrus, Abel and Blizzy at war»

Hero: It's not looking good…

Blizzy: What's wrong?

Hero: I just got word from the Alliance. There's no way they can make it in time to help us fight the Horde.

Abel: But…our village…!
Abel: What'll happen to everyone?

Hero: We'll keep fighting. Things may look bad, but we still have a shot.
Hero: And there's always Hope. Isn't that what Frostval's all about?

???: Well said, Hero!

Syrrus: Who are you…?

???: Oh, heh heh. I haven't introduced myself yet!
Laurissa: My name is Laurissa.
Laurissa: And let's just say….reinforcements have arrived.

Hero: But…I thought the Alliance couldn't make it in time!

???: What Alliance?
???: We've got our own interests here on this island.

Laurissa: Oh, don't be such a downer, Thermy!
**Laurissa:* Isn't this the village where you were born?

Abel: !!

Laurissa: We're not a part of the Alliance of Good and Evil.
Laurissa: We're actually from the nearby cities of…well, I think you'll find out soon enough.
Laurissa: In any case, we're here to help!

Hero: Then let's do this!

«To Karok leading his army»

Karok: So <Hero> has received some unlikely allies.
Karok: Good. This wouldn't be much of a challenge otherwise.
Karok: I think it's time they experience…the full force of my army.

«To Queen of Monsters looking at Karok»

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