War Meter 100%


Note: Previously called "Korak Enters Battle".

«Hero, Syrrus, Laurissa and Thermax at war»

Syrrus: Ugh…they're everywhere!

Laurissa: We're getting pushed back!

«Drakath in Chaos Realm»

???: The Hero who defeated me shouldn't give up so easily.
???: Not unitl I crush you myself.

«A chaotic monster enters war and defeats some monsters»

Syrrus: Isn't that the beast from before?!

Thermax: Chaos…?

Hero: But LOOK! They're helping us!

«Chaotic monsters and warriors enter war»

Laurissa: Things are looking up! Let's keep at it!

«Karok leading his army»

Karok: ENOUGH! I'll take care of this myself!

«Karok slices with his scythe»

«Scene fades»

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