Elder of Trygve
Welcome, great Glorybringer! Your reputation precedes you! To have a decorated champion visit our humble town is an honour indeed. And, if I am being quite honest, very reassuring. Awful and untruthful rumors have been spread about a tragedy in our community. It led those strangers to our doorstep and they get rowdier as the days pass.

Just like you, our people journey out into the world to seek glory in life and purpose in death! Dying in one's sleep is for the sow. For our savior, our Liberator, only blesses heroes who fight to their last. Even if they fail to become Glorybringers, the Liberator accepts them into their haven. Haha, my chance has long passed.

A gang of Horcs broke through the wall one night, charging to the children's ward. A young girl, Alvi, lured them away but could not escape. Her bravery allowed her an audience with our Liberator. It doesn't matter that she did not become a Glorybringer. Trygve will celebrate her life with the flowers she used to pick in the fields until the sun sets for the last time.

Our young hero was buried a couple of days ago. This is the one body we've buried in my lifetime. Only those visited by the ‘Liberator' are remembered and immortalized. I must confess…this should be changed. Alvi's parents died of disease years ago. We weren't able to bury them together.

Location: Trygve


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