Vordred (Cutscene)


«Scene begins in Necro Tower»

Hero: Wait… did you really help create Vordred?
Sally: Yes, I helped create Vordred, the Paladin Slayer.

Sally: See, the Paladins have been stopping the undead armies created in the Necropolis for generations.
Sally: But Noxus found something, an ancient evil, buried deep beneath the Necropolis.
Sally: We used it to create a formidable General that could not be hurt by the Paladin's Light-based magic.

Hero: Whoah… I see.
Sally: But Vordred is not complete yet… he needs one more thing to become truly unstoppable.
Hero: He can get MORE POWERFUL!? How?
Sally: Tee hee… in order for Vordred to become the most powerful darkness being on the Planet, all he needs to do… is slay Artix.

Hero: Artix? I do not understand… how will slaying another Paladin make him a more powerful darkness creature?

Sally: A… Paladin? Oh. You don't know yet. Do you?
Sally: I don't want to ruin all of the fun. You will find out soon enought. *giggles*

«Scene fades»

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