Lycan Trainer

What is a Lycan?
Interesting folk the Lycan are. Rather than living luxuriously like Vampires, The Lycan prefers a small cave. Lycans need no luxury anyway. They hunt, they fight and they survive. Their leaders are decided with single combat and those brave enough to challenge authority and wrest power from their leaders are the most deserving.

How to get?
To Become a Lycan, you must be rank 10 Lycan and can be purchased at /lycan. You can also purchase it in the Class Shop for Adventure Coins.

- Lycan
- Class Shop

How to use?
Recommended enhancements: Fighter, Lucky
Lycans excel at ambushing their opponents and taking them down in single target combat. Their high regenerative abilities and affinity for controlling their foe through fear give them respectable defensive capability, while their powerful physical abilities and keen senses gives them respectable offensive ability, making them a well rounded single target class.

Location: Class Hall B


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