Greetings I'm Voltaire and this homicidal extraterrestrial monster teddy bear to my right is Deady.

Today is Friday the 13th, the one and only day that a path opens to Skull Punch Island.

Now as it happens, I'm after the cursed guitar of Skull Punch Island. It is said, "Whoever plays the guitar will be cursed with fortunes untold, fame and immortality…" "…there are some side effects, but… I'm sure it's nothing to worry about!"

I've commissioned this ghost pirate ship and I'm throwing a concert for all of my friends on the way there… and I'd love it if you'd come with me. You may recognize some of the songs from my new album, To the Bottom of the Sea.

Are you crazy enough to board a ghost ship on Friday the 13th and sail through monster-infested waters to reach an uncharted island containing a cursed instrument?

I think I heard someone say yes! What are you waiting for? Let me grab my guitar, and let's go to Skull Punch Island. Event starting soon! Happening right here, Friday at 8pm. See homepage for news and countdown.

Thanks for saving me from that horrible fate! It sure was one heck of an adventure. I hope you had a good time!

(Thank you)

Wow! Thanks guys! I really appreciate you saving me from the curse of that awful guitar.

Man was that thing totally not worth the price. It offered fame and immortality. But really…

Who would want to live all of eternity as a giant skeleton? We'd better leave it here on the island…

and hope NO ONE is ever foolish enough to seek it out again…



That was a pretty crazy battle! I am sure glad we are on the same side. (You can play the fight again or replay the entire event in "re-run" mode!)


The songs in this event were from my newest album, To the Bottom of the Sea. If you enjoyed listening to them, you can download them from iTunes or buy the whole album at CDBaby.com.


Thanks to Coyote, Dukey, Haileym1, Ron_104, Leila, Malak93, Matheew, Nightly, Rich Wind, Sepulchus, Syudanco, Tendou no Mazo and .Shadow//

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