Voltabolt (NPC)



Mad Scientist and Dentist
I am ZE premiere dentizt on Lore! Und ven I am not pulling ze molars und ze eye-teeth und ze baby teeths, I am conducting critical exzperimentz upon ze creaturez of Lore for Mogloween! Und my latezt exzperiment iz now READY!

Mogloween iz ze holiday where trickz and treatz make BIG buziness for ze dentiztz like me. You Heroez go und kill ze monsterz in Myztcroft und zen I get to fix you up! But my fixez are not QVITE vat you are exzpecting!

- To Mystcroft
- Boss Battle!
- To Glowmap!
- Mogloween 2013 Rares
- Glow Merge Shop



Thanks to Rich Wind, Zero IX and .Shadow//

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