Voltabolt (Cutscene)



«Scene: Hero and Dr. Voltabolt on top of Voltabolt (Location).»

Dr. Voltabolt: Nooooo! My beautiful machines! You haf ruined my planz!

Hero: Serves you right! You were trying to ruin Mogloween for everyone!

Dr. Voltabolt: You don't understand. Yes, I am a mad zientist, but I am alzo a dentist! I tried to make sugar-free candies to fight tooth decay!

«Screen moves to a purple Moglin in the recipe room.»

Dr. Voltabolt: Ze Moglinzters had an… odd reaction… to ze sugar-free candies. It made them more agrezzive.
Dr. Voltabolt: In zome cazes it even combined with their new fury and mutated them into Zuper Moglinzters!

«The purple Moglin mutates into a Moglinster.»

Hero: Well DUH! The Moglinsters are CANDY monsters… try and push this sugar-free junk on them and of COURSE they'll go berserk.

Dr. Voltabolt: Once I had zeen what I had done I realized that I could use these Monzters to my advantage.

«Screen moves to Moglinsters outside of the Candy Shoppe.»

Dr. Voltabolt: I left a trail of Cauldron Zisters candy from my lab into their Candy Zhoppe and I left it to them to deztroy the magic candy factory!

«The purple Moglinster runs up to the Candy Shoppe.»
«The screen goes back to Hero and Dr. Voltabolt on top of Voltabolt (Location).»

Hero: Wait a second… you're a dentist?

«Dr. Voltabolt stands up.»

Dr. Voltabolt: … And evil genius, that iz correct!

Hero: … And you wanted to stop people from eating candy to prevent tooth decay?

Dr. Voltabolt: That iz vat dentists do.

Hero: No, dentists TREAT tooth decay and toothaches.
Hero: Why would you want to ztop.. er…
Hero: …want to stop people from eating candy when all those new patients you'd get would make you RICH?!

«Screen zooms in on Dr. Voltabolt.»

Dr. Voltabolt: …I never thought of it that way.

«Screen zooms out showing Hero and Dr. Voltabolt again.»

Dr. Voltabolt: …Pack it up, boyz! Vee are goink home!

«Giant Moglin robots run through.»

Dr. Voltabolt: Happy Mogloween, hero!

«Screen zooms in on Hero.»

Hero: Yeah, right. Happy Mogloween to you too Dr. Voltabolt.

«Screen zooms out showing only Hero on top of Voltabolt (Location).»

Hero: Evil genius, my FOOT. What a looney!

«Scene fades out.»

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