Void Larva (NPC)

Minion to the Great Void Dragon
Let me be the first to welcome you to The Void, since nothing else here will. Keep in mind that the only reason I am not attacking you is the fact that I wish to study you. All formalities aside, you must act quickly if you wish to save your friend.

What questions do you have? My insight may aid you on your mission.

The Void
The Void is an entire realm comprised of the element known as "Void." The world you come from does not contain such element; instead, the closest facet is Chaos. The Void may appear beautiful, but the inhabitants here are far from picturesque. My advice to you: tread lightly — my brethren will want to "study" you in another way…

Great Void Dragon
The Great Void Dragon rules this realm, residing in the heart of The Void. The Great does not like to be disturbed with frivolous issues, and for that reason, no one is allowed to meet his acquaintance. But since The Great summoned your friend… from beyond the comforts of The Void… something immense is about to ensue…

The Great Void Dragon summoned your friend since she is willing to lose everything in order to gain anything. The Great has become blind with his immense power and is looking to become the most powerful deity… no matter's what's at stake. The fate of your friend does not look promising. I suggest you hurry if you wish to save Nythera… or whatever is left.

- Void Larva's Quests
- The Void Shop

After completing the 'Null and Void Spheres' quest:

Minion to the Great Void Dragon
The time has come. Take these Void Spheres and head to the heart of The Void. If you can open the door to the Great Void Dragon's lair, you may be able to recover you beloved friend. But I cannot guarantee what you will find behind said door. It may already be too late. Good luck and adieu.

- Void Larva's Quests
- The Void Shop

Location: The Void


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