Void Dragon Invasion


«Jir'abin speaking to Shades and Ki'lks»

Jir'abin: No!
Jir'abin: Three million years!
Jir'abin: I had been creating Shades for the last *three million years* from the Void Plane to harvest Inert Presence from the people of Za'nar.
Jir'abin: To manifest in Za'nar and have my revenge, I needed the Inert Presence to restore my power!
Jir'abin: …The power the pathetic planets of Za'nar took from me and my home those millennia ago to save themselves!
Jir'abin: All so I could manifest in Za'nar and have my revenge!
Jir'abin: The War my Shades led a year ago against the planets of Za'nar was the result of my perfected work!
Jir'abin: The Presence harvested during the two years of the War accelerated my recovery.
Jir'abin: And now, after finally manifesting in Za'nar, Sael Ageis and her friends have pushed me back here to the Void Plane!
Jir'abin: I will not give up! I will destroy Za'nar and save my home!
Jir'abin: Only now, I need even more power to manifest again!
Jir'abin: There is… another source of power. From here in the Void Plane, I can watch the flow of Magic across the universe.
Jir'abin: I sense something new, and extremely strong… even *chaotic*!
Jir'abin: Chaos Magic, from a distant planet called… Lore!
Jir'abin: I could manifest on Lore by way of those chaotic energies, lead another war, harvest Inert Presence from the people there!
Jir'abin: And with the chaos energy, have enough power not only to then manifest in Za'nar, but be unstoppable!
Jir'abin: What does it matter if I need to destroy Lore, one more world, for the sake of my vengeance?!

«A rift opens in the sky»

Jir'abin: I come for you, Lore! When I've ravaged your world and annihilated Za'nar, I'll return and take even more of your magic!

«Jir'abin forces go through the rift. Scene changes to Zail, Sael, Daz, Fae, Klyde and Rath»

Zail: Well, we've managed to see what Jir'abin is doing with this Scrying Pool, but this…
Zail: This… doesn't look good.

Sael: That is an understatement extremely, Zail.

Zail: Time will tell if it is! But I'd prefer to be called "Provost" by you, Saelagim.

Sael: "Sael" is fine as well, as opposed to my graduate Magi-name. Regardless, we should treat the matter at hand more importantly.

Daz: Ah, come on, even if Jir'abin does come back here even stronger I'm sure we can stop him.
Daz: Between my Light Magic and bow, Fae's Darkness Magic, Sael's Ice Combat Runes, Klyde's Blade Sorcery, … …Rath's kadjirs and the provost's knowledge, we can handle anything!

Klyde: There's no saying we can if he becomes even stronger. And we can't just ignore them, Daz. We have to help, right?

Fae: Yeah! Klyde's right! Besides, exploring yet *another* planet would be EPIC!

Rath: How could we even travel all the way to this other planetary system?
Rath: I mean—not that I don't trust you to fly us, Saelagim.

Klyde: I can't teleport to somewhere I've never been. But Sael *was* able to bring me to Za'nar all the way from Earth!

Sael: I am confident that I can bring us to this "Lore" by way of taking my traveling from as a Dragon.

Klyde: I'm ready! We can do this!

Daz: We'll take the fight right to Jir'abin! It's showtime!

Fae: Yeah! Everything will work out. It always does!

Zail: Then it's settled. We'll leave for Lore immediately!

«In Battleon Town, Warlic is training mages and Hero is training knights»

Hero: Keep your SHIELD UP or you're going to lose your -

«A fireball flies by and Hero gets surprised»

Mage Trainee: Sorry!!!!

«A rift opens in the sky and through it comes Jir'abin forces, which begin invading Lore; the Dwarfhold, the Sandsea, etc. Jir'abin comes through the rift as Hero looks, who proceeds to climb a roof and jump attack Shades»

Hero: Defenders of Battleon… TO ME!

Warlic: I have never encountered anything like them. I sense something *almost* familiar.
Warlic: But overwhelmingly alien. Whatever they are, wherever they come from, they are… dangerous.

Hero: You saw the beast leading them, I take it?

Warlic: The dragon? Certainly. A creature like that would be hard to miss.
Warlic: I've contacted the magisters at DragonRune Hall. They will be expecting you.
Warlic: Go. We've little time to waste. Reports of attacks are coming in from acros the world.

«Jir'abin poses on top of the Guardian Tower at Battleon»

«Scene fades»

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