Second Speaker
My Sovereign Eternal, your loyal Second Speaker is at your service. Malgor, your First Speaker, wishes to wipe Lore clean. Again. He believes they disrespect you and hunger for war. Best to stop him before he causes an extinction event. Ah, you seem confused. As the Eternal Dragon, your perspective tends to overlap with other versions of yourself from alternate timelines. In this universe, you rule over all.

As the Eternal Dragon, your cognizance tends to overlap with versions of yourself from alternate timelines. Allow me to refresh your memory of the one in which you currently stand.

Lore's State
In this universe, my Sovereign, you realized that balance and peace could only be attained if you exerted your full might at a distance. Walking amongst the mortals did help with gaining insight to Lore's problems, but it caused such turmoil. The Mortals demanded too much, and felt that they were entitled to your power. No one was truly your companion. It proved that you shouldn't mingle with them.

To assert your control over Lore and maintain its balance without threat, we had to eliminate the opposition. The Avatars, the gods, and their volatile greed are no more. In their place are your most trusted creations. Your Speakers maintain the balance of Lore under your command. I am Vohu, the voice of Good Reason, Second Speaker, one of many. This isn't my true form, but you seem more comfortable with it.

Malgor calls himself your first and finest creation. The former is irrefutable, but the latter is highly contested. He was raised and taught by you to be your personal protector and the overseer of Lore. I believe he puts too much emphasis on the protector role, and sees any negative words the mortals have to say about you as grounds for a mass extinction. Having to talk sense into him every week is so tedious.

- Weekly Quest
- Ultra Speaker Merge

Location: Ultra Speaker


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