Blood Ancient Class Trainer
As a Blood Ancient, you have consumed the essences of many great vampire warlords. You have become a new kind of vampiric warrior; vampire strength in a living mortal body! Only those who have proven themselves to Queen Safiria's Vampire Lore Keeper, Orlok, may call themselves true Blood Ancients.

How to get?
There are 2 ways to obtain the Blood Ancient Class. You can either obtain Blood Ancient class from Orlok's merge shop, or I can sell it to you for AdventureCoins.

- Go to Safiria's Castle
- Blood Ancient Class legendsmall.png
- Blood Ancient Merge (Shop) legendsmall.png

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Lucky, Fighter
Blood Ancient mitigates single-target damage and manipulates haste to turn battles in their favor. The trick is taking advantage of its mana recovery model, which recovers more mana as you do more damage. Use Draw Blood as often as you can to raise attack speed, and focus on Luck to increase your crit chance.

Location: Class Hall C


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