Rare Shopkeeper
Well met, Hero! If you're looking to access your special shops, you've come to the right place! Not sure what I mean? Well then, I'm happy to educate you! I LOVE helping players get to the gear they've earned!

Special Shops?
Occasionally you'll find items on sale for a limited time which, when purchased, will unlock additional shops or quests. You can come to me to access those additional shops. The shop name will match the name of your item key, and cannot be opened unless you still have the key in your bank or inventory.

See the Shops
You'll need to have a key matching the name of each of these if you want to open them. Special shop keys go on sale every now and then, so keep an eye on the Design Notes for news of new ones!

- Warp Necromancer
- Dage's Deathrider
- Parked Deathrider
- Chaos Prime
- Pink Romancer

Ultra Elemental Class
When you buy all of the Elemental Capes, you can unlock the Ultra Elemental Class!

- Elemental Capes
- Ultra Elemental Class
- Ultra Chaos Cape
- Legendary Capes
- Ultra Elemental Class
- Legendary Chaos Cape

Calendar Shops
Each Calendar key opens its own shop. Remember - you must have the key to open the shop!

- Calendar Keys raresmall.png
- Shadow Stalker Set raresmall.png
- Immortal Chronomancer (Shop) raresmall.png


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