Victory Over Death



«Scene: Underworld Void»

Dage: Goooood. VERY good. I am pleased.
Dage: There is no room in the Underworld for the weak or faint of heart.
Dage: That is why YOU stand there, <Hero>. And now… for your rewards!

«Scene: Rains gold»

Dage: Gold!

«Scene: Rains gold and gifts»

Dage: Gifts!
Dage: And now: the reason I built this arena. The secret I have kept from the world for so long.
Dage: To find the Hero who can accomplish the one thing I cannot, to journey into a realm I can NEVER enter.
Dage: I believe you have proven you have the skill and strength to face anything in this world… and beyond.

«Scene: Nulgath illusion appears»

Dage: Deep within the seventh circle of the Underworld is chained the most vicious creature I have ever encountered.
Dage: While it roamed across Lore, the beast was responsible for untold misery and pain, laying waste to countless lands.
Dage: For many of those years I studied the arts of Necromancy as Nulgath the Archfiend's apprentice.
Dage: All the time, I did not realize HE was also tracking the movements of the Beast…

«Scene: Nulgath illusion fades»

Dage: Until the day I was forced to watch as the ArchFiend subdued it, bound it, and sealed it away from the world.
Dage: If it were free again, if it were under my control once more, NOTHING would be able to stop me!
Dage: I will give anything – ANYTHING – to the hero who can break the chains that hold it captive!

Hero: I'm almost afraid to ask, but – what IS this creature? Or what WAS it before Nulgath defeated it?

Dage: MY SOUL!
Dage: Half remains inside this armor, animating it. The other struggles to return to me, but I cannot reach it.
Dage: I need YOU to return what was stolen from me. Once I am whole… I will be UNSTOPPABLE!

«Screen fades to black»

Descend into the depths of Dage's Inferno and defeat the infernal beasts within.
Free the spirit stolen from Dage or he may never unlock his full power!
Will you help Dage the Evil rise? Or will you work to destroy the him in the name of Good?

To be continued after the 13 Lords of Chaos Saga finale…

«Screen fades»

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