Very Ebil Mech Dragon

Location: EbilCorp Roof
Level: 100
Difficulty: 5 stars
Total HP: 2,000,000

  • Every 8 seconds, Chairman Platinum loads one of the following rounds:
    • Shrapnel Rounds: Crit Chance +1,000% for 20 seconds
    • Explosive Rounds: Outgoing Damage + 100% for 20 seconds
    • AP Rounds: For 20 seconds, Gatling Guns reduces their player's Damage Resistance by 5% for 10 seconds, stacks to 20%.
    • Dragon's Breath Rounds: For 20 seconds, Gatling Guns applies a DoT to players for 10 seconds.
  • Load Everything: At 40% remaining HP, Chairman Platinum Loads all 5 rounds at once and reduces the cooldown of Gatling Guns to 1 second.
  • Cannot be stunned.

Base Stats:

  • 0% Dodge
  • 50% Damage Resistance
  • 100% Damage Boost

Temporary Items Dropped:

Items Dropped:

Note: Also see Ebil Mech Dragon.


Thanks to Apus.

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