Vertigo Cutscene


«Scene: the Hero, Twilly, and Ayi face off against the manifestation of the Fear of Heights»

Vertigo: Fear Chaser!
Veritgo: How did you find me?

Ayi: You thought we might miss the sudden appearance of a skyscraper?

Hero: You are not welcome here, fear spirit.

Vertigo: You invade MY tower and tell me that I am not welcome here…

«Vertigo grabs Ayi and holds her upside down. We get to see the ground far below from Ayi's point of view»

Vertigo: … I think you will be the ones who are leaving.

Hero: Twilly, you know what to do.

«The Hero leaps more than twice their height into the air and kicks Vertigo, who drops Ayi. Twilly runs behind Vertigo and trips him. The Hero catches Ayi before she falls to the ground»

Ayi: Thanks. Now let's finish this monster.

Hero: My pleasure.
Hero: You know what they say… the bigger they are…

Ayi: …The harder they…

Twilly: … Hit you.

«Scene fades»

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