«Scene: the Hero has defeated Hinezumi in the Akiba throne room»

Hinezumi: It is over, my brothers and sisters! I have failed you.
Hinezumi: Even now, in this year when we should reign, we find ourselves relegated to the sewers.

Hero: Well, that isn't dramatic at all.

Hinezumi: Isn't it? Or have you forgotten you hired a man to drive us all out of town?

Ai no Miko: That isn't fair! We can't have our new year celebration with a city full of..

«Hinezumi touches its shoulder-rat»

Hinezumi: …vermin?

«The shoulder-rat starts crying»

Ai no Miko:

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Bingwen sitting on the steps of the Akiba palace with a bunch of rats in party hats. Also, there a some rats eating a giant block of cheese on the ground»

«Scene: Hinezumi and Ai no Miko in front of the palace entrance»

Hinezumi: Thank you for welcoming us into your celebration, Princess.

Ai no Miko: It was the least I could do. It is the Year of the Rat, after all.

«Scene: Bingwen and the rats in hats»

Ai no Miko: (And I guess those little ones are kinda cute.)

Bingwen: They're my biggest fans, yo!

«Scene: Hinezumi and Ai no Miko with the Hero standing behind Ai no Miko»

Ai no Miko: But don't think this means Akiba belongs to you now!

Hinezumi: No, no. You've made that quite clear.
Hinezumi: But as you are no longer chasing us out, it seems unnecessary.

Ai no Miko: I have to ask, though -
Ai no Miko: Hinezumi is traditionally a rat made of fire. What made you choose that name? Isn't your element… metal?

Hinezumi: Hal What could be more metal than naming yourself after a flaming rat?

Hero: Groan. He's gonna fit in just fine.

«Scene pans up and to the right to Bingwen and the rats in hats»

Bingwen: Hey, are you done yapping over there? It's time to PARTY!

«Scene: A photo - Bingwen plays the bagpipes while the rats in hats dance»

«Scene: A photo - Nekomimi tries to eat a rat in a hat»

«Scene: A photo - Hinezumi, Ai no Miko, and the Hero hold up glasses of moglinberry juice»

«Scene fades»

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