Dark Makai
You are no use to me, "Hero." Be gone before I break you.

With the Verick's ID item in your inventory:

Dark Makai
Though none are more important than the Archfiend Nulgath, I weep for my lost leader.
I will offer what assistance I can to restore the Dark Makai civilization.

- Verick's Quests

With the Verick's ID and Makai Bloodletter items in your inventory:

Dark Makai
My people's fight is over, but the unrest remains. I pray to Nulgath that a new leader is found and Makai balance is restored. Please forgive our uprising, even minions have minds. Go see Carnage to finally end this.

- Verick's Quests

Location: Sewer


Thanks to Rsrdaman and Van Fanel.

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