Before completing the 'Sad Farewells' quest:

Greetings, Hero. I must say, I'm surprised to meet anyone here. Bludrut is not a place for the living. That's why I'm here. I'm a SpiritHunter and recently I've been having… bad dreams… about this place. If you are offering to help I won't refuse it but you might have to speak to the ghosts of this place and find your way to lower levels.

There spaces between this world and the next and a lot of spirits get lost. Some are harmless but most of the trapped ones are trapped by their own anger and hate. There are also… other things… in the spaces between worlds, and those things are all very dangerous. SpiritHunters are trained to deal with all of the things that walk between the worlds.

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After completing the 'Sad Farewells' quest:

My sister, Veddris, is now at rest. I knew I'd have to face my past someday but I always thought I'd have to do it alone. Thank you. I owe you so much but I stil have to put the spirit of this place to rest. Help me do that and I will trade you SpiritHunter Gear!

Location: Bludrut Keep
Note: Also see SpiritHunter Armor.


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