Vaxt Ahas


«Scene: the Span»
«Scene fades»

Hero: We were suppose to meet here. Looks like he's late. NOT a real confidence-builder in a Chronomancer.

Narrator: Do NOT disparage the Master. I left him in agony, fighting the emergence of… things in his forearm.

Golem Warlic: Golem-Tek, go to Golem-Lucretia for the Sleep Serum. Master must rest if he is to help you, <hero>.

Golem Tek: I hope I can go practice with you again, <hero>!
Golem Tek: I might not need to know these battle tricks of yours, but it never hurts to know ALL the uses of a tool, right?

Hero: Don't you worry, Tek2! I'll make SURE i get to teach you. No matter who disagrees.

Golem Walic: She has duties to attend to, and so do you.

Hero: Right. So I go practice whatever it is YOU teach me while your master takes a nap? Such a wise, involved professor he's turning out to be.

Golem Warlic: You do not understand yet, <Hero>! I had thought you were wiser than this.
Golem Warlic: You must be ready to learn once he brings his pain under control enough to teach you.

Hero: About that… I'm not so sure about his story. The whole acid-in-the-blood, resisting Chaos part.
Hero: From what I know of Drakath, he would choose who'd relish the power he gave.

Warlic Golem: Yes, and he has. But MY Master is not typical. Where you see one who would ABUSE the power given, he embraces the pain to help. You.
Warlic Golem: You do not trust him yet. That is understandable. Where we go now will help, I think.
Warlic Golem: What do you know of the nature of Time on this world?

Hero: …Besides that is always seems to be running out?
Hero: I know it passes everyday. I grow older, stronger, smarter. People are born. People die. Chaos grows.

«Warlic Golem and Hero enters the portal and scene goes white.»

Warlic Golem: That is not enough. You must learn about the beginning of Time… THIS time. It is eternal, and so is your world. Your worlds.
Warlic Golem: We go to a creature who will show you all that and no more. Gain it's trust and you will begin to understand how YOU came to be.

«Scene changes to the time void.»

Hero: Woah woah woah now! I know THIS place. Dudeguy McMinuteHand brought me here.
Hero: …and I -Am standing on a SNAKE?
Hero: The snake. Is biting. It's tail… Warlic2, I'm going to need a guide-book here, because I am LOST.

Golem Warlic: Breathe, <hero>. You stand on Vaxt Ahas. It is called The Unending. A living symbol to an undying universe.
Golem Warlic: And IT is going to teach you what you need to know. Not me.

«Scene fades»

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