Vaxen's Defeat?


«Vaxen contemplating his defeat»

Vaxen: The people of this world were stronger than I gave them credit for.
Vaxen: But no matter.
Vaxen: even if they manage to defeat my strongest clone, it's of little consequence.

«Vaxen contemplating a portal»

Vaxen: My interests lay…elsewhere.

«Vaxen Clone after been defeated by Hero»

Vaxen Clone: Ngh, impossible…!!
Vaxen Clone: To be defeated…I, forged from the ultimate darkness?!

Hero: As if!
Hero: You're just a copy. A pale imitation of someone who's too afraid to challenge us himself.
Hero: Tell your Master that he'll never take Lore - not now, not ever!

«Hero dodges an attack from Vaxen Clone»

Vaxen Clone: Valoth's strength…Caden's intellect…
Vaxen Clone: Carnax's limitless power…
Vaxen Clone: They were all MINE! Fuled by Sepulchure and Vordred's endless hatred!
Vaxen Clone: Then why…why did you win?!
Vaxen Clone: You should have lost…you should be DEAD!

«Hero counterattacks an attack from the Vaxen Clone, defeating him, and making Vaxen feel it»

Vaxen: Wha…?

«The portal shimmers in explosion»

Vaxen: No…I can't control the portal!

«Vaxen steps through the portal and Hero reunites with Lore citizens»

Guardian: You did it, <Hero>.
Guardian: You defeated one of the greatest threats our world has ever seen.

Hero: No…it's not over yet.

Guardian: ?

Hero: I took down hundreds of Vaxen's clones.
Hero: Defeating each one may have weakened him, but they also sapped away at his strength.
Hero: And now he's out there somewhere, free of any clones to tie him down.
Hero: He might come back someday…maybe with an even bigger army.
Hero: But if he does…I'll be ready for him!

«Black screen»

Vaxen: I…miscalculated…

«Vaxen is seen in the Council's planet»

Vaxen: To think my strongest clone would be defeated so easily…
Vaxen: I need time…to regain my strength.
Vaxen: And to DESTROY whoever used me to test this world…!!

«Queen of Monsters in her throne speaks to ???»

???: Everything worked out the way you planned, Your Majesty.
???: The Shadowscythe's puppet council is no more. And their research is yours for the taking.

Queen of Monsters: Well done, Faust. What else have you found?

Faust: The location of a certain prison.

«Scene fades»

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