Vath Showdown / Showdown


«Scene: Hero runs to the top of the mountain»

Hero: *Huff puff* Did you… *gasp*…. have to fly… *pant pant*… to the very TOP… *wheeze*… of the mountain?

«Vath raises an eyebrow»

Vath: Do you want me to let you catch your breath before I destroy you?

Hero: Yeah, that would be great. Thanks.

«Vath actually waits for the Hero to catch their breath»

Hero: Ok… ready.

«Vath is now sitting down on some stones.»

Vath: Are you sure? I wouldn't want to inconvenience you.

Hero: Yep, I'm good. Let's go.

«Vath rolls his eyes»

Vath: You know, you do not stand a chance of defeating Stalagbite and me. Even alone, I would be too strong for you…
Vath: …but combined, you have no hope.

Hero: Oh, sure… bring a dragon to a sword fight. That's fair.

«Vath stands up»

Vath: That is a good way to view it. So many weak Dragonlords consider their dragon a pet, or worse… their partner.
Vath: Stalagbite is just another weapon that I use. With the power of the Chaos Dragon Amulet and the Legendary Sword of Dragon Control that Drakath gave me, I enslaved him…
Vath: …just as I enslaved the dwarves… just as soon as I will soon enslave all these lands.

Hero: Vath, I have already freed the dwarves. They are fighting against your army as we speak… and they're winning.

Vath: What?! Impossible. Those useless, filthy…. I don't believe you.

Hero: You don't have to, just look down and see for yourself.

«Scene: Dwarfs beating up Vath's drow soldiers»

«Scene: Vath's eyes glow red»

Vath: No matter! You are their bacon of hope, hero.
Vath: Once I finish with you, I will throw your body down to them and they will SEE what happens to those who oppose my might!

«Vath leaps forward to attack the Hero»

«Scene fades»

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