Vath (1)

Location: Stalagbite (Location)
Level: 17
Difficulty: 2 stars
Total HP: 1,310
AI: Aggressive when player attacks Stalagbite (Level 16) first.

  • Slash: 103-127
  • Smash: 103-127

Temporary Items Dropped:

Items Dropped:


  • Cannot be stunned.
  • Your damage is reduced to 50% when attacking Vath.
  • If you attack Stalagbite first, your damage is reduced to 46% when attacking Vath.
  • If you manage to one hit Stalagbite, your attacks won't be reduced when attacking Vath.
  • If you attack Vath first, Stalagbite will use "Stomp" on you and every attack done by Stalagbite will raise its damage only when you are attacking it.
  • Will not respawn until Stalagbite is defeated.
  • Previously Legend Only.
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