Varga, The Warfury


«Scene: Malgor on his throne»

Shadowlord Malgor: I don't want to kill you,<Hero>. I want you on my side
Shadowlord Malgor: You have the potential to be my biggest threat… or to help me achieve everything I came here to do.

«Scene: Hero trapped in dark flame»

Hero: You must not know much about me if you think that's ever going to happen.

Shadowlord Malgor: I knew you would refuse… at first.
Shadowlord Malgor: But soon you'll understand. There are worse things out there than me. MUCH worse.
Shadowlord Malgor: And together, we can defeat them.

«Screen shakes»

Hero: Man, it is NEVER good when this happens.

«Scene: Malgor's soldiers»

Shadow Knight Gar: Shadowlord! The Warfury's armor is attacking!

«Scene: the Hero and Malgor»

Hero: Who?

Shadowlord Malgor: One of the "worse things out there".
Shadowlord Malgor: Varga, the Warfury. The goddess of war… my sworn enemy!
Shadowlord Malgor: You want all this fighting to end. She is the reason for it!

«A hole appears in the wall»

Shadow Knight Gar: They're coming through!

Shadowlord Malgor: Stop them! Don't let them breach the walls!

«Varga's soldiers come through the hole in the wall»

Shadowlord Malgor: Get <Hero> out of here! We can't let them take <him/her>!

«Some of Malgor's soldiers try to carry the Hero away, but are attacked by one of Varga's soldiers»

Hero: Now's my chance!
Hero: I have to find a way out of here… but how?

«Hero looks to the right and sees Varga through the hole in the wall»

Varga: <Hero>! This way!

Hero: One of the "worse things out there", eh?
Hero: Can't be worse than staying here.

«Hero runs off»

«Scene fades»

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