Vandal Adams

Chaotic Camouflage Maker
Y'know… when I need to get into and out of a place without anyone noticing, it helps to have a good set of disguises. I heard you might be headed to Mount DoomSkull. The Chaos creatures have been riled up. Might help if you looked a bit like their boss. So I crafted the Chaos Champion Prime set for you! Get the Chaos Prime Orb to unlock it!

Chaos Prime set?
This is mighty shiny gear. You'll stand out in it for sure! But all this shininess doesn't come easy. You'll need to get the Chaos Prime Orb to open the shop. Then, all the gear inside is yours!
Once you've got this gear, why not go slap some chaos creeps? I know I would!

Chaos Finale?
I heard the Hero is heading for a confrontation with Drakath, the Champion of Chaos!I sure wouldn't want to be anywhere NEAR Mount DoomSkull when THAT happens… but you look like you enjoy a good battle. Ready to begin the 13th Lord of Chaos Saga?

- To DoomSkull

13th Lord of Chaos Storyline guide

13th Lord of Chaos Storyline Order

- Chaos Prime Orb
- Chaos Prime Set

Location: Battleon


Thanks to Amduscia.

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