Castle Page, Clothing Vendor
Oi! Where's YOU come from? You can't go into the castle looking like THAT! You've got to look all fancy-ful if you're gonna meet King Alteon. We take appearances seriously here. Or, well, I do! Not like that princess Victoria. She's prefer to slog through mud and get her dresses all dirty. Disgraceful!

Me? I'm one of the castle pages. I run errands, fetch things, kill spiders… practice for the time when I become a Squire, then a Knight. Pages are the most important people here, the lifeblood of the castle? Without us, no one would get anything done or find out what they need to do.

- Swordhaven Armory (Shop)
- Valerin's Quest

Location: Swordhaven Castle (Location)


Thanks to bad and bad boy.

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