Treasure Hunter
Hi! I'm Valencia. I'm here to help guide you through all of Lore's fun bonus quests and content, from recruiting your friends to join you in battle to opening the mysterious treasure chests you might find while fighting monsters! Which one would you like to know more about?

When you Recruit-A-Friend you can earn extra gold, XP and Friend Gems which you can use to buy special items from this shop! Enter your friend's e-mail below:
(There will be a text box where you can type your friend's e-mail. Once you're done, click "Submit".)

- Referral Shop

Learn More
When you Recruit-A-Friend, you get a portion of the Gold and XP that they earn forever! When your friends hit level 5, you get a Friend Gem that you can use in my Friend Shop. If they upgrade their accounts to become an AQWorlds Legend, then you get 200 AdventureCoins FREE!

Power Gems
Information is one of a Hero's most important tools (and powerful weapons). Make sure know as much as you can to make the most of your adventures. Confirm your email in the Account Manager to get details on new game events, then complete the quest to bring back my stolen News Scroll. I'll give you a Power Gem you can use to buy armors, weapons, helms, and more from my Power Gem Shop.

- Valencia's Quests
- Power Gem Shop
- Confirm Email

Daily Quests
The area surrounding Battleon is full of dangerous creatures that threaten the townspeople here. Take the road north into Battleon Town and talk to Niamara near the Guardian Tower. Her quests will give you Realm Gems to buy the Realm Guardian armor set. Or, if you're in a hurry, I can tell you more about the quests.

- Realm Gem Quests
- Reward Gem Shop
- Go to Niamara

Treasure Chest
Have you found one of the strange Treasure Chests that have been showing up all over Lore? You can find them while battling monsters and fighting to save Lore! If you find one, bring it to me, and I'll help you open it!

Tell Me More
If you have found a Treasure Chest on a monster, you will need a Magic Treasure Chest Key to open it! If you need a key, I have a few. If you have everything you need, just click Open My Chest, complete the quest and see what you got!

- Magic Keys
- Open My Chest
- Open Dark Box?

FREE Magic Keys
Are you an AQWorlds Legend? If so, you are entitled to TWO FREE KEYS per MONTH! Complete the quest below on or after the 1st of every month to get your free keys but don't forget to come back or you'll miss out!


XP Boost Shop
You can find XP boost items in shops around the game that increase your experience from monsters and quests for a certain amount of time. Once you have an XP Boost you can find it in your inventory.

- Game Boost Shop

- Daily News Quest
- 2020 Badge raresmall.png
- Valencia's Quests


Note: Also see Valenicolas Cage-ia.

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