Unstable & Non-Legend

1st Lord of Chaos Staff
Barbaric Blade of Darkness
Bear Clawed Axe
Black Thorn Blade
Black Wire Whip
Blade of Affliction
Blue Wire Whip
Brawler Dagger
Chaos Shaper Sword
Chaos Warrior Omegus
Chaotic Short Sword
Chaotic Warrior Mace (1)
Chaotic Warrior Mace (2)
Dage's Dragonbone Slasher
Deadly Axe of Chaos
Dread Face Mace
Dual Balor's Cruelty
Dual Caladbolgs
Dual Grumpy Warhammer
Dual J6 Wedding Shotgun
Dual Legion Flesh Ripper
Dual Mace of the Grand Inquisitor
Dual Ragnarok
Dual Sanguine
Dual Spears of Nulgath
Dual Star Slasher
Dual Star Sword
Dual Toxic Void Katanas
Ectoplasmic Daggers
Elite Exponent Saber
Enchanted Celestial Staff
Enchanted Red Star Sword
Evader Daggers
Evolved Hex Staff
Fiendish Impaler
Golden Hanzo Void Katana
Greater Creep Blade
Green Wire Whip
GrimBlight of Destiny
Guardian Blade Evolution
Guardian Blade (Sword)
Iron Draconian Sword
Mace of Enn'tröpy
Mace of the Blessed Inquisitor
Mace of the Grand Inquisitor
Mammoth Crusher Blade
Mana Sabre
Metamorphosis of Nulgath Surfboard
Mighty Horc Claw
Mighty Horc Hacker
Nightlocke Blade (Sword)
Nightlocke War Staff
Obsidian Reavers
Plasma Gun
Plasmid Bow
Purified Claw of Nulgath
Red Skull
Red Wire Whip
Shadow DoomReaver
Sinister Staff of Mana Leech
Skyguard Quill and Scroll
SpellSmith Daggers
Swordhaven Axe
Tainted Claw of Nulgath
Tasty Muffin
The Guiltius
The Pain Scythe
The Rot
Thyton's Magitech Scythe
TOO Big 100K
Trident of Storms
Venom Draconian Sword
Water Draconian Sword
White Wire Whip
Wizard's Staff
Zealith Reavers

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