«Scene: The Hero, Warlic, and Cysero stand in Warlic's magic shop.»

Warlic: Thank you for agreeing to help, <Hero>.

Hero: You know you can always count on me, Warlic.

Warlic: Recently I've been sensing some disturbances in the ley lines around Lore.

Hero: Ley Lines?

Warlic: Ley Lines are invisible lines of force that flow all over the world.

«Scene: Close up of Warlic.»

Warlic: They have unpredictable effects on a mage's powers.
Warlic: The magic energy always flows between them but they are fixed.
Warlic: …Or, they were fixed.

«Scene zooms back out.»

Hero: What's happening to them?

Warlic: They've started to drift.

Hero: Is that so bad?

Warlic: About as bad as if the north and south poles started drifting all over the world.

«Scene: Close up of the Hero.»

Hero: So… pretty bad then.

«Screen pans to the right to show Warlic. Warlic nods.»

Warlic: Indeed. If this continues magic fields will destabilize.
Warlic: Magic itself will dry up in some areas and become a flood in others.

«Scene zooms back out.»

Warlic: It will become completely unpredictable, even dangerous, to use ANY kind of magic.

Hero: OK, so how do we stop it?

Warlic: We must find the cause before we can find a solution.

«Scene: Close up of Warlic.»

Warlic: Perhaps the magi at the Tower of Magic will know more…

«Screen pans up.»
«Scene fades to black.»

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