Unknown Reunion



«Scene: Black screen with Drakath's monologue»

Drakath: The last memory of my father, the late King Dethrix I, becomes hazier and hazier every as the years pass.

Drakath: That forbidden room, the vault of the Monster Queen, collapsed on him.

Drakath: It swallowed King Dethrix Drakath I and his Court Mages, sealing them and all theirs secrets in stone.

Drakath: I fled from the castle with the Amulet in hand, forced to fend for myself.

Drakath: Those years were a… bothersome footnote in my story, but they existed nonetheless.

«Scene: Screen transitions into Drakath and Bill in the camp, surrounded by fallen bandits»

Drakath: Who are you supposed to be? You're not one of my men!

???: Did a low-life worm come to leech scraps from under my table?

Drakath: The nerve! I'll have you quartered!

???: …Are you always like this?

Drakath: W-what?

???: Oblivious.

???: Your men fled the camp. Dropped everything and ran after I snapped a few of their bones.

???: Looks like you're on your own.

Drakath: Th-Those cowards! Don't think they're anywhere near my caliber!

???: They're the last of the Slug King's loyal knights.

???: If not, they're cruel nobles too far gone for Alteon to forgive.

???: And you're saying that you, a teenager who can barely fill out his britches, can put up a fight with me?

???: The same kid that got their arm broken by their own pa?


Drakath: How did you know that?

???: Even when they're scared, nobles gossip. They don't notice the hired help listening in.

???: Common folks like us got time to spread a good story too.

???: I'm guessing the incident has to do with the son growing taller than the fence his pa put up.

???: Were you taking extra sword lessons or something? That old Slug must have thought your were raring to get the crown early.

Drakath: He is no slug! My father was a valiant king! I would never betray him.

Drakath: And I wasn't pushed down the stairs either. Fathe bumped into me by accident over that misunderstanding.

???: That why your sword grip's all wrong? You stopped learning too fast so your pa wouldn't sweat?

Drakath: Enough quesitons! Who are you? What do you want?

???: You just said enough questions but alright.

Bill: Call me Bill. I was thrown into Dreadhaven's dungeons for banditry, among other things.

Bill: Didn't think my name was big, but getting locked up under the throne is a high honor.

Bill: Doubt Alteon would have a reason to pardon me so I escaped. Went looking for you afterwards.

Drakath: You tracked me down for revenge?

Bill: If I did, you'd just be a torso rotating over a fire 'bout now.

Bill: Nah. I'm here to offer my services. You have some bite but you're still just stumbling through the woods.

Bill: I'll teach you the ropes.

Drakath: Not for free, I bet.


Bill: Smart. Course I wouldn't help any brat for free.

Bill: Let's say you make it out here in the wilds. Then, you find your way back to the throne.

Bill: I'll be looking forward to a full pardon, a castle on the hill, and a fancy titles of my own.

Drakath: …Did they really all flee? Every single one of my bandits?

Bill: Yup.

Drakath: Fine. We have a deal. As long as you stay useful, I'll deign to keep you around.

Bill: You got an ego too big to fit through the door. Ah, well, makes sense for Dethrix II.

Drakath: … Do not call me that.

Drakath: You will refer to me by my family name. Drakath.

Bill: That's a tough act for a pup. Good.

Bill: It's a dog eat dog world out there. Best you become a wolf.

«Scene fades»

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