Unknown Peasant

Crazy Fan
Omigod omigod omigod I'm at Cysero's Clubhouse! When I heard that he'd disappeared I came RIGHT over to see if he was just hiding out in the yogurt room. But it's TRUE! He's GONE! Omigod what are we going to doooooooo?!

Cysero made a lot of changes to the clubhouse! What do you want to know about?

He moved the statue of the Riddlelord Golem into one of the rooms on the bottom floor. This is CRAZY! There's even a WEAPON vault down there! If you happen to find your way in there… and survive, help yourself to whatever you can find! Enjoy!

Omigod I love the yogurt room, don't you? This is so FUUUUUN! It's very slippery. I wouldn't wear nice clothes in there.

Cysero has a small alchemy lab set up on the second floor to help with some of my experiments. If you push the big button that says "Do Not Push" you can toss a potion at your friends. It might change the color for a little while but it won't have any lasting effects on them. I think.

Omigod scary place! It seems to lead to some creepy spot (on Lore… I think) that is filled with giant, bloodthirsty spiders. As mystery portals go, I've been through worse.

There's a secret door in the house somewhere! We need to find it 'cause cysero left a ring of summoning stones in the secret room. Who knows what kind of monsters might be pouring out of that thing by now. If you happen to find it, let me know where he left it, K?

Location: Cysero's Clubhouse legendsmall.png


Thanks to ingomarelementary, Lily and .Shadow//.

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