Unkept Promises


«Scene: Aurola, Suki, and Darkon next to a painting»

Darkon: I know it's bad luck to see the bride in a dress before the wedding, but I just had to have this painted.
Darkon: You're breathtaking.

Suki: Oh stop the gushing! You say that every time you see me these days. It's embarrassing!
Suki: Ehe, even when you become King, you'll always be Prince Charming to me.
Suki: I wish your father could have been here to attend the wedding.

Aurola: Now that King Drakonis has passed, you'll have to take the trial.

Darkon: I have one night to reach the inner chamber of the First Observatory-
Darkon: Where my ancestor first met the Grand Star, Alprecha.
Darkon: There, I will inherit the secrets and authority of the ruler.

«Darkon closes eyes»

Darkon: As King, I will have the power to dismantle the monarchy.

«Darkon opens eyes»

Darkon: The secrets that lay in wait, whatever they may be, won't stop me.

Suki: Of course they won't. I believe in you.
Suki: It's just…do you have to go alone? Why can't Aurola and I go with you?

Aurola: We're not saying this because we think you're weak.
Aurola: No one outside the ruler have any idea what could be hiding there.
Aurola: Many second or third born heirs became rulers because the eldest couldn't pass the trial.

Suki: How are we going to live with ourselves if we aren't there to save you?

Darkon: You won't ever have to worry about that. I promise.
Darkon: Astravia needs you and the others to hold down the fort.
Darkon: Though I've wanted to ignore it, I can't deny that Drago may try something rash.
Darkon: The Astravian civilians and Suki are the most at risk. He knows I would bend if he threatened them.
Darkon: That's why both of you are going to lay low at the inn. We know the owner, and I trust him.

Suki: And what about the civilians, I have to—

Darkon: Leave the protection of the people to Regulus.
Darkon: She, Dene, and Algie will coordinate a response if Titania sees Drago on the move.
Darkon: You've done more than enough to help the Astravians. Won't you let me be the Hero this time?

Suki: Alright, hurry back then.
Suki: Just this once, I'll wait for you.

Aurola: I'll take care of Suki in the meantime. I'm honored you'd trust her and your chestplate to me.

Darkon: Both of you, be safe.
Darkon: Next morning will arrive in no time. Then, we'll be together again.

«Scene: Black Screen»

22 years ago

«Scene fades»

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