Uninvited Guests


«Hero at Cysero's Shop»

Hero: Hello?
Hero: Cysero?
Hero: This looks just like his shop.

Cysero: That's because it is.

Hero: Hi, Cysero. What's up?

cysero: Me.

Hero: I can see that. But before I ask about that, why does this palce look exactly like your shop?

Cysero: Oh, it is my shop.

Hero: You moved out of Battleon?

Cysero: No, it's still there too. Think of it… like a song.
Cysero: A lot of people can sing it all around the world at the same time, but it's still the same song.

Hero: OK, so why bring it here?

Cysero: I didn't. I was just exploring Drakonis and my shop got lonely so it followed me.

Hero: Sure. That probably happens. And why are up there?

Cysero: I didn't want anyone to notice me.
Cysero: People always look for me on the ground.

Hero: I guess it works. I didn't see you there.

Cysero: Good. Say, as long as you're here, can you help me?

Hero: Sure. What do you need?

«Cysero drops down»

Cysero: The Queen of All Monsters sent minions to break in here and find steal some powerful items.

Hero: WHAT?!

Cysero: Right?! No respect for personal property.

Hero: Cysero, this is SERIOUS! Where are they?!

Cysero: They're in the back. The shop and I have been keeping them busy but they are making progress.

Hero: What are they after?

Cysero: The bones of a powerful and ancient goose. If they get them…

Hero: Stop. Did you say… goose?

Cysero: Yeah.

Hero: Does that stand for something… like Great Overlord of Secret Evils or something?

Cysero: No. A goose. You know… with feathers and spit and everything.

Hero: *sigh* I'm going to regret this but… please explain.

«Change scene to mountains showing shadowed Goose in the distance and nearing him, once near unshadows»

Long, long, LONG ago there was a goose of great and terrible power…
… He ruled the land with an iron wing causing fear to any who…

«Back to Hero and Cysero in Cysero's shop»

Hero: Nope. Changed my mind.
Hero: Let's just… let's just get this over with.

Cysero: OK!

«Scene fades»

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