Unidentified usually refers to:

Unidentified 1: Trig Buster
Unidentified 2: Sharkbait's True Head
Unidentified 3: Dragon Bone Hammer
Unidentified 4: Small Hammer
Unidentified 5: Rounded Stone Hammer
Unidentified 6: Parasitic Hacker
Unidentified 7: Star Dagger
Unidentified 8: Bee Sting Dagger
Unidentified 9: Ordinary Iron Wing Helm
Unidentified 10: Bag of Dirt
Unidentified 12: Bone Walking Cane
Unidentified 13: The Contract of Nulgath
Unidentified 14: Worn Axe
Unidentified 15: Emblem Mace
Unidentified 16: Iron Plate Hammer
Unidentified 17: Duck On A Stick
Unidentified 18: Dark Cyclops Face
Unidentified 19: Koi Fish in a Sphere
Unidentified 20: Dragonbone Blade
Unidentified 21: Dragonbone Axe
Unidentified 22: Essence of the Hex Void
Unidentified 23: Essence of the Blood Void
Unidentified 24: Essence of the Void Fiend
Unidentified 25: Essence of the Shadow Void
Unidentified 26: Ordinary Cape
Unidentified 27: Chameleon Cape
Unidentified 28: Spinal Tap
Unidentified 29: Mysterious Walking Cane
Unidentified 30: Platinum Twin Blade
Unidentified 31: Platinum Battle Shank
Unidentified 32: Cruel Dagger of Nulgath
Unidentified 33: Primal Dagger Tooth
Unidentified 34: Ball of Malignant Essence
Unidentified 35: Essence of the Almighty Archfiend
Unidentified 36: The Contract of Lae
Unidentified 65: Bone Slasher
Unidentified 66: Tyrant Bone Slasher

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