Ungrateful Guests


«Scene: the Hero, Constantin, Kimberly, Voltaire, and Safiria in the halls of Count Maxius' castle»

Safiria: Just a little farther! The way out of the castle should be right about-

«Hero points»

Hero: -there!

«The open exit slams shut»

Hero: What? NO!

Count Maxius: And where do you think you're all going?

Safiria: Count Maxius!

Count Maxius: Haven't you been enjoying my hospitality?

Kimberly: Not… really?
Kimberly: You DID kinda have me trapped me under a ceiling of deadly spikes.

Voltaire: And as much as I've enjoyed spawning endless monsters for your castle, it's time for me to go.

Count Maxius: Don't you understand? Each of you had a vital role to play.
Count Maxius: Voltaire's wicked imagination had kept Kimberly on her stage.
Count Maxius: Kimberly's terrifying music kept Constantin in a rage.
Count Maxius: And Constantin lay in wait for you, <Hero>… should you escape your cage.
Count Maxius: <Hero>… the most vital part of my plan.
Count Maxius: The life energy of Lore's greatest hero.
Count Maxius: You are to be the sacrifice that allows me to return… permanently.

«Hero draws their weapons»

Hero: Not a chance, Count Maxius!
Hero: Your evil plan didn't work! We all escaped from the traps you laid!

Count Maxius: Not all of you.
Count Maxius: There was one who did not need to be trapped.
Count Maxius: …who appreciated what I have to offer right from the start.

«Scene: Bubble with spiraling, hypnotized eyes»

Bubble: Hi, everyone!
Bubble: You're not leaving already, are you? The party's barely started!

«Scene: the Hero and the rest of the group»

Hero: Aw, Bubble! What did he do to you?

«Scene: Bubble»

Bubble: Nothing! Count Maxius is SO nice.
Bubble: He's given me ALL this yummy candy.

«Scene zooms out»

Hero: Bubble, no!

Voltaire: You don't take candy from strangers!
Kimberly You don't take candy from strangers!

Bubble: But it's Mogloween, you guys! And he gave Bubble some, too!

Hero: Your… cat?

«Screen shakes»

Bubble: Of course, silly! And she's so much BETTER now!
Bubble: Do you want to see?

«Scene fades»

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