Unexpected Rescue


«Scene: Galanoth, Fiamme, Hero, and Elius»

Elius: Man, you guys are strong!

Hero: You aren't so bad yourself! But we have to get going now!

Elius: I can't let you! I won't let Lord Tyndarius down!

Tyndarius: You haven't, Elius. In fact, you did just fine.

«Tyndarius and Malgor appears»

Elius: Looks like you finally figured out how the teleport works!

Tyndarius: You won't be going anywhere, <Hero>! We have a score to settle!

Hero: No!!!

Galanoth: This is bad. Lady Fiamme, is there any other way out?

Fiamme: No, I can't make us an exit! We are trapped!

Tyndarius: How does it feel, <Hero>? To feel powerless! Trapped!
Tyndarius: I'm supposed to keep you alive.

Malgor: But he can have some fun with you first. It's the least I can do.
Malgor: After all, you did take *everything* from him.

Tyndarius: I'm going to enjoy this!

«Tyndarius throws a fireball at Hero»

Galanoth & Fiamme: <Hero>!!!

«Abel comes in to stop Tyndarius»

Tyndarius: What?!

Abel: Looks like I made it just in time!

Hero: Abel?!

Abel: I would have been here sooner if that talking cat would have figured out how to make that portal quicker! Kyanos had to help him get it all set up!

Jinx: I told you! My name is Jinx!

Hero: Jinx?!

Tyndarius: No! I am the Fire Avatar now! I will not allow you to interfere!!!

Abel: Yes, you will! Everyone through the portal now! I'll hold off Bonfire Guy!

Tyndarius: You insolent little--

«Hero, Galanoth, and Fiamme goes through the portal»

Abel: The temper on this guy…
Abel: You're this Malgor I keep hearing about, right?

Malgor: Yes.

Abel: Lord Kyanos told me to only save <Hero> and the others.
Abel: But next time I see you, I want to fight!

Malgor: I don't think you will win.

Abel: I just encased the Fire Avatar in Ice!

Malgor: And I was the one who took down the last one.
Malgor: And besides, he's new.

Abel: Whatever!

«Abel goes through the portal»

Tyndarius: Where did they go!?

Malgor: It seems your plan wasn't so foolproof after all.

Tyndarius: How was I supposed to know the Envoy of Ice was going to just poof in here and rescue them?!

Malgor: Infuriating, isn't it?

Elius: That was the Ice Envoy?! He seems cool!
Elius: …Sorry…

Malgor: It hardly matters, anyway.
Malgor: Now that they aren't here, there is little they can do to stop us.
Malgor: Come. We have work to do.

«Scene fades»

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