Undead Artix Returns


«Scene: Hero confronts Evil King Alteon atop a mountain»

King Alteon: You again.
King Alteon: Last time I saw you, you were invading my own throne room.

Hero: Yeah, sorry about that. Make you a deal, give me the egg and I'll walk away.

King Alteon: Oh? I can know the celestial dragon egg is valuable…
King Alteon: …But now I'm tempted to destroy it since you want it so badly.

Hero: Just give me the thing and we won't have to fight.

King Alteon: It was a gift from Drakath. Not the armor clad half-wit from my world. The one from yours.
King Alteon: Besides, we're not going to fight.

Hero: You're giving up?

King Alteon: OF COURSE NOT! After our last meeting I gathered Artix's parts…

«Shadow of Undead Artix appears»

King Alteon: … I reanimated him and made some improvements.
King Alteon: I'm going to enjoy watching him peel you like a grape.
King Alteon: Then I'm going to hatch that egg and raise whatever comes out of it.

Hero: What would you say if I told you that killing me would also destroy that egg?

King Alteon: I'd say "Oh well". You can't make an omelet without breaking a few celestial eggs.
King Alteon: Artix! Kill this buffoon!

«Undead Artix charges!»

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