Undead Apocalypse



«Scene: Underworld Void»

Dage: Ah, <Hero>. You've found your way to my arena. There are not many skilled enough to do that.
Dage: I thought you might be one of them. You have heard of this place, yes?

Hero: Not even a whisper of a rumor. Doesn't look like many survive to gossip about it.

Dage: We have a saying in the arena: "Abandon hope, all you who enter, because…"

Hero: "Two heroes enter, one hero leaves?"

Dage: You HAVE heard of its reputation! Excellent.
Dage: These are the Horsemen of the Undead Apocalypse, some of my most loyal servants:
Dage: Conquest.
Dage: War.

Dage: Famine.
Dage: And, of course, Death.

Dage: I have announced that any who can beat these champions will earn untold riches and rewards now…
Dage: And eternal glory once the Undead legion is victorious!

Dage: And should YOU survive my arena challenge, you will have earned a truth. It is time you learned of my plans.
Dage: You have already proven yourself a loyal member of my Legion.
Dage: I sense you have what it takes to rise to the highest ranks. Do not fail me.
Dage: Members of the Legion have already begun training to take on my champions.

Dage: Will you join them, <Hero>? I have high hopes for your victory.

Hero: Are they all as… skilled… as Flaps McGee over there?

Dage: No. The weak die quickly. Again.

Hero: Then let's do this.

Dage: Your eagerness pleases me. You may begin your initial warm-up battles.
Dage: I shall enjoy watching your progress through the arena, <Hero>.

«Scene fades»

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