Uncontained Power


«Scene: Valen putting on the Doomknight armor»

Valen screamed in pain as the Doomknight armor seared the life out of his flesh.
It bound itself to his body, and they became one.
The rush of uncontained power overwhelmed him. Intoxicated him.

«Sepulchure lifts up the defeated guardians»

The armor gave him strength.
The blade guided him, whispering its dark secrets in his ear.

Valen: My Guardians. You obeyed my commands in life…

«Sepulchure transforms the guardians into undead»

Valen: And you will continue to serve me in death.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Sepulchure leads his undead army to Ebonslate Fortress»

And with his newfound power, he went once more to Dethrix's fortress to save the woman he loved.

«Scene fades»

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