Umbral (NPC)

Timeless Dark Caster Trainer
I see you can see true talent among the Dark Casters. While yes we all are within ranks inside the Legion, A Timeless Dark Caster is the superior Dark Caster. Nothing else can ever hope to compare, especially those Immortal Dark Casters.

What is a Timeless Dark Caster?
Having mastered every form of the arcane, you’ve settled onto the darker arts of the Timeless Dark Caster. Among all the dark casters in the undead legion, you are a notable legend for this accomplishment. Using your honed abilities, not even time itself can move forward while you cover the world around you with darkness.

How to get?
To become a Timeless Dark Caster, you must wait until Dage’s Dark Birthday (Mid March) and purchase for Adventure Coins inside the Dark Birthday Shop.

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Wizard.
Timeless Dark Casters utilize the powers of darkness granted to them by Dage the Evil to fight a single target at a time. They can passively hurt their enemy over time while also siphoning some of their health and blinding them. Additionally, they have a minion that they can summon to help fight for and defend them! Just be careful lest you get Overwhelmed; you won’t be able to do anything for a few seconds, but afterwards you’ll be able to do things quicker and for less mana!

Location: Class Hall C


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