Ultra Vultragon

Junkyard Guardian Golem
So nice of you to ssshow up, Hero! Did you get… LOST? *Screech* One such as you must find their destiny, digging through garbage, filth, and slimy eye-tentacles to seize what is yours. Just like your OtherSelf did. And in the doing, you will free ME! I do not choose to remain trapped here. The golem-bracelet is gone, but Chaos has taken hold. I wish to return home! Find your dragon egg and save me!

You Did Not Choose This?
*Hissss* Would you have? To know that you have another life, another mind, on a different world, but are trapped? Your memories transferred unwillingly. To fly no more, first seized by little green monsters, guarding their garbage. Then saved by a mage, only to be thrust into a new body - new world. And THEN to be surrounded by chaos? It is no life. No life for any creature!

Location: DF Lesson


Thanks to Rich Wind.

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