Location: Djinn
Level: 40
Difficulty: 4 stars
Total HP: 99,760

  • Claw Swing: Current HP - 1
  • Eyebeam: 119-146
  • Eyebeam (Petrify): 27-33

Temporary Items Dropped:

Items Dropped:


  • Can steal HP.
  • Cannot be stunned.
  • Eyebeam has a chance to petrify the player for 6 seconds.
  • Ultra Tibicenas starts using Claw Swing when his HP reaches half.
  • Claw Swing cannot miss and leaves you with 1 HP, affected by damage resistance.
  • Ultra Tibicenas goes berserk, increasing his attack speed when his HP reaches 30%.
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Thanks to Gamefreak123, GM_ francis, Jordan1, Na Tra, and rickyb20.

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