Ultra Drakonnan (Cutscene)


«Scene: Galanoth and the Hero have just fought Drakonnan. Drakonnan supports himself with one arm.»

Drakonnan: Impossible! You can't defeat me now! Not yet!

Hero: It's over, Drakonnan! You're finished!

Drakonnan: No! This isn't how it ends!

«Drakonnan throws the Fire Orb on the ground in front of him, and he is engulfed by the flames of the Orb.»

Drakonnan: The power! I can feel it rushing through me!

Hero: What is he doing?!

Drakonnan: I've never felt such energy!

«Drakonnan's body grows into a gigantic, lava-rock form, becoming Ultra Drakonnan.»

Ultra Drakonnan: And now… you DIE!

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