Ultimate Betrayal


«Scene: Hero and Krellenos standing in front of Gruaige Baas' body»

Hero: So… your servant will cause no more Chaos. As for YOU - AND Drakath -

Krellenos: Do not worry, <hero>. This was not the last of my plans. Drakath's goal, and my own, will not suffer for this… slight setback.

«Screen zooms in on Hero»

Hero: Tell me, Krell. When you were planning and plotting your future rule as a Chaos Lord… did you foresee THIS failure?

«Screen moves to Krellenos»

Krellenos: Hah! You think you know so much, with your wit and bluffing, but -

«Screen zooms out showing Khasaanda running in beside Hero»

Khasaanda: - But you know NOTHING!
Khasaanda: Did you not think I would notice your power growing, Krellenos? The link between us ties us, heart to heart, mind to mind.

«Screen zooms in on Khasaanda»

Khasaanda: Soul to soul.
Khasaanda: I didn't WANT to believe, fought AGAINST believing you could do this!
Khasaanda: Everyone LIKED you! For what reason could you want to change that?
Khasaanda: When our sweet, innocent baby brother was Chaorrupted, I thought… no, it couldn't be him.

Khasaanda: I was sure I was wrong! You COULDN'T believe that this was right for YOU.

«Screen zooms out showing Khasaanda, Hero, and Krellenos above Gruaige Baas' body»

Khasaanda: Perhaps you can no longer See what is right for you…. OR for ME!

«Screen zooms in on Khasaanda»
«Khasaanda uses her magic and takes the Chaos away from Krellenos Chaorrupting herself»

Krellenos: Wh- What have you done?!

Khasaanda: They LAUGHED at me! At my power! Going about, living their lives, so secure, content to USE our power to ensure their lives stayed orderly. Predictable.
Khasaanda: No more! And YOU!
Khasaanda: You should have Seen that I could use the tie that binds us against you. But you were so blind. All your life… so blind!
Khasaanda: You would have LEFT me with them! Abandoned me, run off to wreck the world, not caring if I fell. Just like our brother fell.

«Screen zooms in on Khasaanda holding up her hand that is holding Chaos power»

Khasaanda: You will NEVER leave me behind again!

«Screen moves to Hero and Krellenos»
«Both Hero and Krellenos are surrounded by a Chaotic aura»

«Screen moves back to Khasaanda»

Khasaanda: You. Stay! This is a family matter. And YOU aren't family.

«Screen moves to the Chaorrupted Soldiers and Khasaanda»

Khasaanda: Sword. Now.

«Screen moves to Khasaanda floating Krellenos in the air then throwing the sword threw Krellenos»
«Krellenos lands on the floor showing Khasaanda and Hero in front of Krellenos' body»

«Screen zooms in on Khasaanda»

Khasaanda: I believe it's time I had… words… with Drakath.

«Screen fades»

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