Ultamate Aether (NPC)

Lycan Hero
Well, hello! I've heard so much about you, and Kalyst has told me about your battles against dragons. It's good to finally meet you.

In my youth, I had been known as the girl everyone went to when they needed help. It sounds altruistic, but in truth, my childhood was scarred and desolate.
I lived in a little burrow near the Inn in Battleon. Everyone in the town knew me, but they did not love me- they feared me.

I was scrawny and unnaturally strong, and I wandered in the dead of night whereas other children slept and played instead during the daytime. But I served an important purpose; I could cure any ailment by simply being near it.
For this, I was eternally useful. Should disease or ill will fall upon an individual, he would come to me for help.

They were all frightened of me, to be sure. All of them had enough sense to fear the girl who was too scary even for the dead. They all ran from me. But I cured nearly any evil; I drove away the bad weather, I cleansed the town of rats and spiders. I had even exorcised a ghost as a teen.
But I was forever unloved… until the day I met Kalyst. Kalyst was a Shadow Dragon- a baby, hatched from a discarded egg.

He was laid out to die in the cold of the night, but I brought him to my trove, and I hatched him. Kalyst grew up at my side, warding off any dangers, and ever since I have rested soundly, knowing that Kalyst, at least, loved me. Battling by his side, we made a name for ourselves in this world, and won enough renown to battle here today.

Location: Hero Lobby


Thanks to Amduscia.

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