Ulfgar Geirsson


Loremaster of Dwarfhold
The morning sun appears to be missing in action, and its steed Embermane along with it. Her brother Frostmane still rides the sky. If we can summon him down to the earth, he may be able to tell us where Embermane has gone, and help us find her. If Embermane does not return, we will remain in darkness indefinitely.

Frostmane and Embermane are the steeds of Night and Day. When dusk falls, Frostmane pulls the chariot of Night across the sky, bringing darkness. Then, in the morning, Embermane arrives with the chariot of Day, bringing the light. The cycle of day and night depends on both of them.

- Ulfgar Geirsson's Quests

After completing the 'Calling Frostmane' quest:

Loremaster of Dwarfhold
Embermane is trapped in the nightmare realm! You must return there and find her!

After completing the 'Defeat Frostmane's Nightmare' quest:

Loremaster of Dwarfhold
Our village looks much brighter now, thanks to you!

- Ulfgar Geirsson's Quests
- Ulfgar's Shop


Note: Appears on Screen 1 of Inn Ternet after completing the 'Facing Vath' quest.

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